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If you’ve ever dreamed of writing for children, here’s your best
chance to test that dream and find out if you have the aptitude to
crack the $3 billion children
’s book market. 

              Read on to discover:

  • how to get your writing aptitude tested FREE by professionals . . .

  • how to benefit from a unique course that has turned thousands of aspiring writers into published authors . . .


Dear Friend,

      The tremendous recent success of children’s books has made the general public aware of what we’ve known for years: there’s a huge market out there.

      And there’s a growing need for new writers trained to create the $3 billion worth of children’s books bought each year . . . plus stories and articles needed by more than 650 publishers of magazines for and about children and teenagers.

      Who are these needed writers?

      They’re ordinary folks like you and me.

But am I good enough?

      I was once where you might be now. My occasional thoughts of writing had been pushed down by self-doubt, and I didn’t know where to turn for help.

      Then, on an impulse, I accepted a free offer from the Institute to test my writing aptitude, and it turned out to be the spark I needed.

      I took their course, and my wonderful author-instructor helped me to discover, step-by-step, that my everyday life—probably not much different than yours—was an endless creative resource for my writing!

The promise that paid off

      The Institute made the same promise to me that they will make to you, if you demonstrate basic writing aptitude:

You will complete at least one manuscript suitable to submit to a publisher by the time you finish our course.

      I really didn’t expect to be published before I finished the course, but I was. I sold three stories.  And I soon discovered that that was not unusual at the Institute.

      Since graduating, I have authored 34 nationally published children's books and over 300 stories and articles.

      Now, as an instructor at the Institute, I’m happy to pass along what I’ve learned to aspiring writers like you.

One-on-one training with
your own instructor

      My fellow instructors—all of them professional writers or editors—work with their students the same way I do with mine.

      When you’ve completed an assignment on your own schedule, at your own pace, you send it to me. I read it and re-read it to be sure I get everything out of it that you've put into it.

      Then I edit it line-by-line, and send you a detailed letter explaining my edits. I point out your strengths and show you how to shore up your weaknesses.

       Instead of time-wasting trial and error, you get proven techniques for improvement.

      Between your pushing and my pulling, you learn how to write—and how to market what you write.

I am the living proof

      What I got from my instructor at the Institute changed me from a “wannabe” into a published writer. 

      While there’s no guarantee that every student will have the same success, we’re showered with letters like these from current and former students:

      “Since graduating from your course,” says Heather Klassen, Edmonds, WA, “I’ve sold 125 stories to magazines for children and teenagers.”

      “Before this, I didn’t know if my work was typical or bland, or if there was even a spark of life in it,” writes Kate Spanks, Maple Ridge, BC. “I now have over 30 articles published. . .”

“. . . a little bird . . . has
just been given freedom

      “This course has helped me more than I can say,” says Jody Drueding, Boston, MA. “It’s as if a little bird that was locked up inside of me has just been given the freedom of the garden.”

      “. . . I was attracted by the fact that you require an aptitude test,” says Nikki Arko, Raton, NM. “Other schools sign you up as long as you have the money to pay, regardless of talent or potential.”

“I’d take the course again
in a heartbeat!

      “I’d take the course again in a heartbeat!” says Tonya Tingey, Woodruff, UT. “It made my dream a reality.”

      “My most recent success has been the publication of Dear Miss Ryan, You’re Ruining My Life, the novel I started for my last Institute assignment,” writes Jennifer Jones from Homer, NY. “Thank you for giving me the life I longed for.”

      If the life of a children’s writer is one that you have longed for, you’ll never have a better opportunity than this to test your dream.

FREE Aptitude Test for Children’s Writing  plus an illustrated course brochure

      We’ve prepared an intriguing aptitude test to find qualified people. It’s offered without cost or obligation, and will be professionally evaluated for you—FREE.  

      In addition to the test, we’ll send you a free copy of our 32-page  illustrated brochure describing our acclaimed home-study course, which is so effective that it’s recommended for college credit by the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards.

      The brochure will introduce you to 80 members of our outstanding faculty composed of published authors and seasoned editors.

      I’ll always be glad that I took that first small step to realize my writing dream. I urge you to take yours today. There’s nothing sadder than a dream deferred until it fades forever.


Kristi Holl, Instructor
Institute of Children
’s Literature®



Kristi Holl, a graduate of our course, has published 35 books, including a guide for writers, and more than 300 stories and articles. She is now an instructor at the Institute.


More than 11,000 of our students and graduates have been published. Since January 2005, they report one or more sales to:


Albert Whitman
   &  Company


   Fortress Press

Babybug Magazine

Better Homes
   and Gardens

Boyds Mills Press

Boys’ Life

Boys’ Quest


Brio and Beyond

Brio Magazine

Brown Barn Books



Capstone Press

Chess Life for Kids

Children’s Press

Christian Home
   & School



Clear Light



The Dabbling Mum

Darby Creek




Eerdmans Books


Family Circle

Family Fun

Focus on the

The Friend

Front Street

Fun For Kidz


Greenwillow Books


Gryphon House




Henry Holt

High Adventure

Highlights for

Highlights High

Holiday House




Keys For Kids

The Kids’ Ark

Kid Zone

Ladies’ Home


The Lamp-Post





Moo Cow Fan  Club

My Friend

Nature Friend

The New Era

New Moon


Once Upon a Time

Our Little Friend


Pacific Press







Random House

Ranger Rick

Reader’s Digest

Scarecrow Press


Science World

Sesame Street

Shen’s Books

Shine Brightly

Skipping Stones




Story Mates

Story Friends

The Storyteller


Teen Voices

Tilbury House Publishers

Today’s Parent

Turtle Magazine


Weekly Reader

Writer's Digest

Young Rider

Youth Worker





COLLEGE CREDITS  The Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards recommends  that graduates be awarded six college credits. We have arranged for you to obtain these six college credits from Charter Oak State College, Newington, CT.

      No matter where you live, you can then have these six credits submitted on a Charter Oak transcript to another college or university. (If you are a teacher, the transcript will be sent to your local school board, at your request.) Full information is available from the Institute’s Registrar to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY  Writers, teachers, and others whose business skills are enhanced by the writing techniques developed in our course may qualify for a tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor to determine if you qualify.