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Hello Students!

Check out the STUDENT CENTER
You can access it from the left side navigation links from all over the site now -- No more disappearing Student Center! Plus, it's been updated and packed with new goodies. All students from any of the classes from the Institute can use their student ID number to access the Student Center.
This gives you access to

If you're a student and you haven't checked out this terrific resource -- check in today!

Many of our enews issues are being blocked from getting to all of our subscribers. It can be difficult to convince your email provider that you truly want to receive this enews. Therefore we've created a list of directions to make it easier for you find the exact steps to ensure the enews always makes it to your inbox. Please, check out this link http://institutechildrenslit.com/email_whitelist_instructions.htm for specific directions to ensure you get every issue of the Children's Writers eNews.

A Full Site Topical Index

Are you interested in knowing more about "educational markets?" How about "historical fiction?"
There is a perfect topic for everyone and all of the Rx content is listed -- all the articles, all the guest chat transcripts, all the topical open forums. Check it OUT.

Check Out Current and Back Issue of the Enews.
Never miss an issue of the enews, or wonder where you put that market link you meant to follow up on.



Our WRITER'S RETREAT, ICL's discussion board is up and available at http://institutechildrenslit.net/index.php. For tips on using the discussion board, check out "Using the New Writer's Retreat."


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